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Steve Jobs…Bringing the Reality to Success

Isn’t social media amazing!  At 9:15am on Thursday 6 October, I was sitting in our local coffee shop having breakfast with my son and husband.  My son was helping me work out some of the new apps on my smartphone and I checked my twitter to see how I could make it run smoothly…

A tweet from the NY Times simply said “Steve Jobs is dead”.

It was one of those pivotal moments  in life where in years to come  I will remember exactly where I was when people say “Remember the day Steve Jobs died?”

I have been reading all about Steve Jobs since then.  He was a visionary, but a difficult man to work with; he was successful, but he had his fair share of sleeping on floors and failure.  He went to college, but dropped out when he found out his parents were using all their savings to keep him there and he realised they were not getting their money’s worth. He started Apple at 20, was fired from the company at 30 and then went on to create two of the world’s most successful digital companies, including Pixar, who are responsible for runaway success stories including Toy Story, before returning to Apple years later. He married later in life and he and his wife had  three children in seven years.  His eldest daughter was from a previous relationship.

As time wore on and all the accolades began to give way to criticism  – criticism by the way that comes from people who have yet to show the world a different way of doing things!  In reading all those criticisms I am reminded on another of his quotes…

The Steve Jobs story is so important to share with our children, because in this era of social media, and five minutes of fame , there is a lesson here.  Success does not happen overnight. First it takes an idea, which turns into a reality, then follows with hard work,  dedication,  the ability to accept failure and learn from it and finally the tenacity to weather criticism, upheaval and those who will try their darndest to dissuade you  from doing anything that is different.

Yes a good education is important but certainly not the be all and end all.  More importantly we must also teach our children to trust their intuition, to value their creativity, to stay focused on their goals, to view failures as only setbacks and the opportunity to discover what is truly important in their lives. And above all to do what it is they truly love to do, and to become very, very good at it.

There is no doubt that Jobs was no angel – and perhaps he has done things in his life that history will judge – but at the same time because of his vision, the way we make phone calls, listen to music,  and gather information on-line has changed forever.

One of the most wonderful quotes that has been bandied around the ‘twittersphere’ since Thursday was a quote from Jobs after he was diagnosed with cancer.  The quote simply said… “Remembering that you are going to die, is the best way that I know to avoid thinking you have something to lose!”

Vale Steve Jobs, and thank you for not only creating the world according to Apple, but in also reminding us that “Our time is limited, so we should not waste it living somebody else’s life!“  A great quote to remind our teenager the next time they are concerned about what other people think!