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Facebook – Changes Parents must know!

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Facebook are renown for adding changes to their platform without advising  followers.  Anything from changing privacy settings to tagging abilities.  It is a part of Facebook that is both infuriating and challenging. Last week Facebook started rolling out a number … Continue reading

Facebook Reality Check – Be careful what you post!

A young football player in Western Australia has been suspended for up to four months for both threatening an umpire following football game and then posting about the issue on Facebook. This incident coincides with the reported rise in the … Continue reading

Social Networking Safety-Encourage your Teen to Talk to You

Every day it seems that social media, on line safety and teenagers is in the media.  A story making news this week highlights the importance of teenagers feeling comfortable about talking to us about any concerns they have , and … Continue reading

Monitoring your Child’s Facebook Page – Will it Work?

The biggest fears that parents have in the on-line world of their children is predatory behaviour and cyber-bullying. Whilst both these issues are hot topics at the present time, the fact is that facebook, twitter, google+ and many other means … Continue reading